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My fandoms (or a general taste of where my tendancies lie) are Les Mis, Hannibal, Star Wars and Sherlock. You'll find plenty of theatre and anime too.

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Tickets on sale Monday 10th March (x)

But to everyone thinking of going, please try and make a good impression so that we don’t scare him off either conventions or Australia?

Try not to take sneaky photos of him. They’re invasive and you’re probably not going to get a good photo anyway.

Try not to ask / make innapropriate questions or comments.

Try and keep the giggling fangirl to a minimum around him. (it’s in all of us, even if you wouldn’t expect it, and especially if it’s your first time meeting actors etc.)

Remember your manners. Even if you forget how to talk when you go for a photo/autograph, a ‘Hi’ and ‘Thankyou’ will suffice.

Generally just be considerate that he is also a human being and treat him how you would want to be treated. Nobody likes being objectified.

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